This Is How Khaana Chahiye Raised Funds To Feed More Than 2 Million Meals To Needy In Mumbai

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Lockdown while a wise move has brought about a lot of gloom to a lot of us even when we have everything. A lot of us are cooking or trying out new recipes and posting on social media. When food is medicine not just for the tummy but also for the soul imagine not having any.

A group of youngsters came together to form a movement called Khaanachahiye.com with a single point agenda to feed the hungry people on the streets of Mumbai. Khaanachahiye.com is working relentlessly to ensure that there is no one hungry in Mumbai. It has been serving rice-based meals to thousands of poor Mumbaikars ever since lockdown began. In the last story, we saw how the team came together, rallied around the cause and worked on supply and distribution. You can read about it here. They have served more than 2 million meals and continue to serve meals. They are now distributing ration as well. The entire team of Khaanachahiye.com is working relentlessly to ensure the entire operation from gathering produce, distributing meals, creating awareness about the cause to gathering funds for the cause. Efforts For Good platform is running a fundraiser for Khaanachahiye.com and is proud to be associated with the cause. Donation link.

Identifying hunger clusters

Khaanachahiye.com does not feed people randomly on the streets of Mumbai. They carefully identify the need and plan a route. Once a route is identified they ensure that the people being fed are fed till the end of the lockdown.From the very beginning Ruben Mascarenhas was certain that the need is immense and in a way had the foresight to predict the terrible situation. Thus he started by putting together a hunger map so that they are able to map all the hungry and needy people in the city. He put together a tech team to get the hunger map of the city in place. This map helped him identify demand in real-time. Once the demand was identified and validated the team got down to ensuring that these hungry people were fed through a process.

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2,00,000 meals served


94,90,245 Raised
Out of 1,00,00,000


While Khaanachahiye was setting up processes, routes, supply chains, onboarding volunteers(called ninja warriors), they had to also figure out a way to ensure they are able to sustain operations financially in order to ensure that they can consistently feed people they are supporting.

Ruben Mascarenhas and Pathik Muni from  Khaanachahiye.com have been managing a tight ship of highly capable and efficient people who have come together for this cause. Further, the operations were divided into Supply & Distribution, Communication & Fundraising and HR & Accounts. In the very beginning, they quickly identified core team members: Neeti Goel, Mazher, Manoj, Pranav Rungta who could handle different aspects of this humongous operation. By dividing the roles & responsibilities and delegating efficiently they were able to scale up very quickly. The need in each and every leg of the operations was identified early on. Subsequently, the need to fundraise was also identified very early on.

Fundraising communication

For fundraising to happen smoothly, one needs to create awareness about the work being done. This is where Swaraj Shetty who has more than 15 years experience as a digital strategist came in. Swaraj, Ruben and Pathik worked in tandem to spread awareness and to get few collaborations going. They completely spearheaded the effort to spread awareness about the cause and fundraising. Shishir Joshi from Project Mumbai worked in tandem with Khaanachahiye.com to raise funds initially. This was the first collaboration. As Shishir spread the word about Khaanachahiye, friends and acquaintances happily donated to the cause. These three also felt the need for crowdfunding and collaborated with Efforts For Good team, to start a campaign and to spread the word. Efforts For Good team, observed all the work being done by Khaanachahiye.com and started the fundraising campaign. You can check out the campaign and donate here.

As the Indian summer is slowly gathering pace, the need for dry snacks for children was felt. Ruben reached out to Ms Amita Chauhan in Parle G to help procure biscuits for children. Parle G came forward and started giving thousands of Parle G biscuits on a consistent basis to Khaanachahiye.com. Thus, a collaboration with Parle G was stuck. Similarly many individuals came forward to give thousands of bananas for children. Volunteers distribute these bananas and biscuits to children, pregnant women and old people along the routes.

#Mumbai Team KhaanaChahiye packs and distributes special packets for kids called "chhota packit" .. each had 2 packets of Parle G biscuits , 2 bananas! and a lot of love #MumbaiFightsCovid19 with ❤️

Today in addition to food, Team #KhaanaChahiye packed and distributed special packets for kids called "chhota packit" .. each had 2 packets of Parle G biscuits , 2 bananas! and a lot of loveChotta packit concept : sapna bhavnani Art/ Video – Akbar Pains / music from the film masoom ❤️#MumbaiFightsCovid19 with ❤️#Mumbai

Posted by Khaanachahiye on Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Sapna Bhavnani, popular hair stylist and film maker who is also a ground volunteer of Khaana Chahiye and her production company Akbar Pains created creative concepts and videos for Khaana Chahiye.

The Art Care Project was a collaboration wherein architecture students in Juhu are giving their time by sketching for anyone who donates.

theartcareproject Get your portrait sketch by fighting hunger in Mumbai! A group of students have started a project to…

Posted by Khaanachahiye on Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Apni Public Project started making avatars and making the ninja warriors(volunteers) look very cool. Subodh Chaubey and Imran Khan are advertising professionals who came up with this idea.

#ApniPublic ko #KhaanaChahiye #MumbaiFightsCovid19 #Mumbai

This lockdown hope beats hunger , The Apni Public Project team has raised 1.4 lakh rupees sharing 5640 meals via 53 avataars. Thank u Subodh Chaubey, Muhammed Imran, Rupesh Doiphode Manali Rangnekar, Viraj Chorghe for powering the fight against hunger via your art. Join the fight : Donate to bit.ly/1lakhmeals Send front facing photo and donation screenshot to apnipublicproject@gmail.com get a cool avataar #ApniPublic ko #KhaanaChahiye #MumbaiFightsCovid19 #Mumbai

Posted by Khaanachahiye on Monday, May 11, 2020

Stage.in is an artist community which shared poems in the form of videos and creatives to amplify the campaign

वहाँ कुछ लोग है जो हंस कर सारे काम करते है।- palpoetryDonation link: https://bit.ly/3cvD9G8#Khaanachahiye

Posted by STAGE on Sunday, May 3, 2020

Rohit  Dsa volunteer wrote a rap to spread the word.

A Rap Tribute To Mumbai 's Food Ninjas Of Khaanachahiye

EMCJUSTISE-The Sky Underground : A rap tribute to Mumbai 's Food Ninjas, KhaanachahiyeOn 25th March , A nationwide lockdown was imposed limiting movement of the entire 1.3 billion population of India as a preventive measure against the 2020 coronavirus pandemic in India.Written, recorded on phone in lockdown. Music producer : Swak Video: Saurabh Dubey❤️Be a part of Khaana Chahiye's fight against hunger and donate: www.bit.ly/1lakhmeals#MumbaiFightsCovid19 #Khaanachahiye #StoriesBehindTheMask #TogetherWeCan #EffortsForGood

Posted by The Logical Indian on Saturday, May 2, 2020

The restuarant Door No 1 did 2 live music shows on Instagram and donated 75% of their proceeds to Khaanachahiye.com.

These collaborations helped people become a part of the movement. It also helped in people becoming volunteers themselves apart from donating in cash and kind.

Apart from these collaborations several social media influencers and celebrities raised awareness about the cause and helped in raising much-needed funds and volunteers for the cause.

Due to these collaborations word spread about the work that is being done and they have been able to gather a lot of support. It has also received support from government and local BMC officials and it helped them expand their reach and impact.

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We salute the goldenhearted who are #fightinghunger in these troubled times. Admiration for standalone restaurant owners #Keiba #MadrasDiaries #Ostaad who are reaching out to fight hunger. #NeetiGoel #AnekaGoel #Rubenmasc of @khaana_chahiye Instagram are working round the clock to feed the 5 lakh people on the street and many more daily-wage workers out of job, starvation is as much a threat as Corona. Project #KhaanaChahiye is fighting hunger in Mumbai. 170000 + meals served already. Join the fight KhaanaChahiye.com Hats off to the super efficient team rubenmasc, pathik.muni Goel.neeti Madras.diaries From serving 1200 meals a day on 29 March to 40000 meals a day , it has been a phenomenal journey !!! Also special shout out to Neeti Goel for serving our brave firemen 1200 meals daily in these trying time’s Lets Join Team @khaana_chahiye as they fight hunger in Mumbai Swipe up Link: To donate http://efg2.3mindstesting.com/campaign/community/khaana-chahiye-hunger-in-the-times-of-corona/ @goel.neeti @nimeshadvani @mojokaur @aneka_goel @supsawitch @rubenmasc @swaraj1983 @imran_khatri @lowkashwala @sapnamotibhavnani @munafkapadia @getmur @ekchiriya @lats_insta @elsamarie_ds @saviojoseph29 @mazher @akbarpains_pictures #madrasdiaries #servingmeals #meals #socialservice #service #fightinghunger #ostaad #khaanachahie #quarantinelife #quarantined

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KhaanaChahiye's work has been recognised by International Media and Swachh Bharath Mission,

Apart from this, the entire team of Khaanachahiye.com and all the volunteers reached out to friends, acquaintances, family members etc., to spread awareness. Each and every volunteer worked for this cause as if their life depended on it and not someone else’s. Swaraj spends over 15 hours monitoring the communication to ensure that in all the channels there is no communication breakdown between the volunteers and with people engaging with Khaanachahiye on social media .

Volunteers who are essentially handling supply, demand and packaging have started micro-campaigns on their own to bring more financial support as well as to get more volunteers. As the word spread, the campaign grew more organically and more and more people started associating themselves with the cause. Read more about the humongous effort by volunteers and volunteer management in our next article.

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It's not how much we give
but how much love we put into giving.
- Mother Theresa Quote

Goonj Is Working With 1000’s Of Volunteers & Partner NGOs To Provide Covid-19 Relief In 18 States

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With the extension of the lockdown the crisis of migrant labourers and daily wagers has just grown bigger due to uncertainty and fear of future. In the migrant colonies, slums and for people in the villages hunger and desperation is building up day by day. This is high time we step up our efforts to support our people who are in dire need of food and hygiene essentials to survive the pandemic, Covid-19.

After the India-wide lockdown, a lot of jobless migrant workers are stuck in cities with hardly any resources while many started retreating back to their villages. With the loss of livelihoods, a large number of them are now struggling to support their families.

Goonj activated its pan India teams and a pan India network of partner organizations and volunteers in urban and rural India. This network, built over the last two decades, helps them learn from the ground, reach material quickly and review and adapt strategy periodically. Intensifying this network has helped Goonj reach and start work across 17produced states/UT in the last three weeks.
Support the cause you care for. Browse All CampaignsBrowse all campaigns
2,00,000 meals served


94,90,245 Raised
Out of 1,00,00,000


Goonj’s focus: 

Majority of the Covid-19 relief work by non profits right now is in the metros and cities but Goonj is the only non profit that is also simultaneously focusing on the people in the villages and the ones stuck on highways or somewhere.

Goonj is targeting daily wagers, migrants and other vulnerable groups, who even traditionally are left out like the disabled, sex workers, LGBTQ community.

“COVID-19 is a crisis, yes…But, it’s also an opportunity for us to build the society anew. Not ‘for’ the people…but, ‘with’ the people. And in the process, we will build ourselves too.” – Anshu Gupta, Founder-Director, Goonj.

Direct Monetary and Material Transfer

Wherever Goonj got the permission to open their centres for packing and disbursement of relief material kits, they are creating a kit consisting of 20-30 kgs material including dry rations, masks, sanitary pads and other hygiene material and reaching them to people, as per needs and as per regulations with all safety precautions. This kit will help a family survive for 30 days.

Information till 10th April 2020:

  • Distributed 15,100 ration kits reaching thousands of people
  • Reached 17,700 families
  • Supporting 12 community kitchen across India with 16,600kgs of ration
  • 77,800 food packets provided to migrant laborers and daily wagers walking on the roads across the country.
  • Provided direct financial support to 32 organisations
  • Made 42,800 cloth face masks
  • 24,900 cloth sanitary napkins produced
  • Produced 1500 litres of organic sanitiser

In Goonj’s processing centers its trained team of women are making cloth face masks and cloth sanitary pads (MY-Pads), keeping all the precautions and with the permission and cooperation of the local authorities.

In this lock-down phase if you are facing any difficulty getting sanitary pads or you are running out of stock, here’s a detailed but very simple process of making Cloth Pads at home created by Goonj. “This is how we make Goonj MY Pads.” This is how our mothers and grandmothers turned their spare cloth into pads.

This disaster, unlike any other, is unprecedented in its scale and impact and that’s why we all must do our bit with Goonj to continue its relief work for millions of people in this still unfolding long-tailed disaster.

The need is huge.. We are there.. Need You too !!

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It's not how much we give
but how much love we put into giving.
- Mother Theresa Quote
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